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The Fly Fisherman’s Commandments

If all the fishermen will respect these 9 commandments, we would have much more fun in the rivers.

The 9 commandments of the Fly Fisherman.

You will not use Hooks with Death.

The Hook without Death protects the fish and facilitates the extraction of the Hook.

Always use a drain.

We will never drag the fish into shallow water, where it can be hurt.

We will introduce it in the hole, and if it is gummed much better.

I moisten my hand before touching the fish.

Whenever we go to touch the fish we sink our hands, a dry hand can cause a lot of damage to the fish.

Short before damaging the fish.

If the Hook is too deep we will cut the thread so as not to damage the fish.

I abide by the law of 10 Seconds.

Once the fish is captured, we will not have it more than 10 seconds out of the water, the fish is not intended to be out of the water.

If we want to take our photo of honor, we will return it to the bag until the moment of the photo.

I recover the fish.

Before letting the fish go, we make sure it is in good condition and recovered.

A massage to the fish makes it recover faster and oxygenate itself better.

I don’t leave trash in the river.

Contaminating the river with garbage is the main reason for the disappearance of the fish.

Never leave trash either from food, drink or from the remains of your Fishing materials.

I disinfect my equipment.

At the end of the fishing day, we wash and disinfect the equipment, wader and boots.

Algal contamination often passes from one river to another in boots and waders.

I’ll report the problems.

If we find pollution or infringement problems in the river, we will notify the environmental authorities.

These 9 commandments of the Fly Sinner are reduced to one:

Take care of the nature and fauna that lives in it.

If you agree, share these commandments.

From La Mosca en el Anzuelo we encourage you to respect these 9 commandments of the Fly Fisherman.

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