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The 7 Most Effective Pellets

The 7 most effective pellets that can not miss in your fly box.

The pellets are increasingly important in the boxes of fly fishermen.

Probably due to its effectiveness in fishing Ninfa.

The 7 most effective pellets are the following:

Falangist shot

This Perdigón is characterized by its Black body and a Red ass from Hay is also called Culirojo.

It is an evolution of the famous drowned fly the Falangist and is effective throughout the year.

Coca Cola shot

Another of the mythical Coca Cola Perdigón is made with Holographic Bronze Tinsel and imitates the color of Coca Cola.

It is accompanied by a necklace in Fluorine orange to give it an attractive touch.

Gasoline pellet

This is a shot that has been giving fishermen joy for years.

Its gasoline color is perfectly imitated with a Peacock Holographic Tinsel that gives green, bluish and orange highlights.

Nasa pellet

Nasa revolutionized fly fishing competition for years.

It imitates the colors of NASA, with an ultra violet blue and a Red necklace.

DP1 and DP2 pellet

The DP1 and DP2 are characterized by mounting a new Micro Glint material with different shades.

In the case of the DP1 it is a Micro Glint Rust that wears Orange and Gold and is accompanied by a Fluorine Orange necklace.

The DP2, on the other hand, is a Green and Gold Micro Glint and is accompanied by a Fluorine Green necklace.

Pheasant Tail shot

An Evolved Pill of the Pheasant Nymph, fences in Pheasant and body in brown making the segments with golden thread, and a chest of Tinsel Holographic Peacock.



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