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Fly Boxes, For All Tastes

It is very important to have good Fly Boxes, to keep our flies well preserved.

What kind of boxes are there?

Today the market is advancing by leaps and bounds, new models are released almost every day, and new materials that help us evolve fly fishing.

We have Plastic, Polispan and Wood Fly Boxes, with hermetic closures and for holding the flies we have the classic foam like the new silicone.

The best Fly Box …

It is very difficult to show you the best fly box, because each person is a world, some like hermetic boxes, others like them that can be opened easily.

Many like classic foam boxes and others like silicone inserts.

That is why we present you with a variety of fly boxes, with which we believe that you will surely like one or the other.

Super Slim Fly Box

We start with some very basic boxes, made of plastic and with foam inserts, and different finishing models.

The great advantage of this type of boxes is that they are very thin and very comfortable to carry our flies.

A good tip is also to use these boxes to store the Tungsten Hooks and Heads since they come with a magnet and hold the mounting materials perfectly.

Natural Wood Box

For the most classic and traditional, we bring you a Natural Wood box with foam inserts, really a very nice box to store the best flies.

If you like this box to store your flies you can find it .

A very special Fly Box.

If you heard correctly, a very special box made of plastic and foam interior, but that is not what makes it so special.

Its color really makes it exclusive, because it mimics our friend and fellow hobbyist Trout.

Boxes with silicone inserts

We arrived at the queens of the Fly Boxes, the new silicone boxes, which ensure that our flies do not move in fishing action.

Among them are the Slim Boxes, very comfortable made of plastic you can find them ON.

You also have them double-sided to store many more flies

Or in other colors like this beautiful blue, you can find Blue

The queens of silicone …

One of these queens are the Tacky boxes, very high quality boxes to store our flies, they can be bought in specialized stores or IN AMAZON.ES FOR A LITTLE MORE THAN € 22.

Or the lesser-known Ripple , but with a very good quality that if the price shoots up to 35 euros on its official website.

Finally comment that although the prices are in Euros, Ali express has international shipping, so wherever you are you can buy these boxes for flies.


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