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What Is a Fishing Preserve? Definition and Meaning

Definition and meaning of fishing preserve

We are going to know the meaning of the concept ” fishing ground ” in all the different ways in which it can be defined.

Classical definition

The most basic definition of the fishing preserve is a body of surface water, natural or artificial, delimited to practice recreational fishing , without commercial or labor purposes and from which its owner obtains profit.

Definition according to regulations

In accordance with the provisions of the regulatory regulations in Spain in its Law 6/2002 on the protection of aquatic ecosystems and regulation of fishing, we have that the fishing preserve is, like the fishing areas, a Special Regime Zone.

Inland waters are classified in these regulations in two ways: Free Zones and Special Regime Zones . The former are the Free Zones in the Traditional Regime and the Free Zones without death. To the second, as we have already indicated, Los Prestos de Pesca and Vedado de Pesca.

The fishing preserve in regulations is defined as a course, section of course or body of water in which, temporarily or permanently, fishing is practiced for a purely sports purpose . This is regulated, so that resources are used in an orderly manner and always maintaining objectives that allow for their sustainable management.

In addition, it requires a permit and must be properly marked.

A classification of these is made, which is as follows:

  • Intensive Fishing Preserves: The practice occurs intensively, being able to keep the specimens, to the point of requiring releases for the population to maintain itself.
  • Deathless Fishing Reserves: The animals that are fished must be returned to the waters immediately in adequate conditions to ensure their survival.
  • Fishing Preserves in Traditional Regime: The appropriation of the pieces is allowed and their use is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the fishing regulations, which are modified from year to year.

Other meanings

Beyond this definition of a fishing preserve, which is the one we all use to use, know that this name is also given to the following water areas:

  • A body of water whose springs are born and die in the same inheritance.
  • Minor lakes that cannot pass ships whose tonnage is greater than 100 Ton
  • Lagoons or lakes that belong to a single property without exploitation rights for third parties.


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