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Sport Fishing Situation and Alarm Status


At last it seems that our Government is coming to its senses and allowing us to practice our favorite sport. Day 5/15/2020 they have approved the law for the practice of hunting and fishing. This will be effective next Monday, 05/17/2020.

Now we will have to wait for the conditions to be published in the boe, we will inform you.

UPDATED 5/9/2020

As you know until now federated athletes could fish at the established times and complying with the regulations of phase 0.

Today 5/9/2020 the Government has published a new law in the BOE prohibiting hunting and fishing until phase 3. Starting Monday, May 11, no one will be able to fish, neither federated nor federated.

The Government has decided that sport fishing is not a sport, so until the 25th of May we will not be able to go fishing.

UPDATED 5/5/2020

The Catalan Fishing Federation has published an official statement allowing sport fishing for federated and non-federated athletes. And they are actually based on the first order that the Government issued with Phase 0.

They also comment on what we talked about below, special conditions for federated athletes

All the info here

In our opinion, after all the information received, it is that if you are fined, you can claim it with a good chance of winning . And is that what really rules is the BOE, and it does not specifically say FISHING IS FORBIDDEN. And if the conditions that we can meet fishing. Just like running, walking or cycling.

Many types of opinions are heard on this topic and it is very unfair that you are allowed to walk, bike, surf or any other type of individual sport and fishing is not allowed. But it is our opinion and we do not make decisions.

Currently you CANNOT GO FISHING, in almost no community. And in those that leave, be very careful, since depending on the police body you can report or not.

If we read the BOE, we can practice any sport that;

  • It is practiced individually without contact with other people
  • Does not require the use of a vehicle to get to the place we want to practice it
  • Do not separate more than 1 km from our home
  • Let’s comply with the established schedules

Many of us meet those requirements but still cannot go fishing.

After talking to federations, security forces and municipalities, nobody makes anything clear to you. Some say yes, others have no idea and others flatly forbid it.


In fact, the one that is prohibiting us from going fishing is the Ministry of the Environment, which, when the state of alarm was decreed, stopped all hunting and fishing activities.

This decree is still in force even with the new rules of phase 0, therefore, some security forces are governed to phase 0 and others, to the agreement of law of the Ministry of agriculture.

So if they want to report you, they can do it, and the fines range from € 600 to € 1,000.


Another question that is not at all clear. Federation tells us to wait, that for now neither federated nor federated fishermen can. Those with a federal license may go fishing first. But nothing is known yet, they will inform us of the new rules.


After much rambling the BOE has published something that for some of us may be good news.

Article nº 9 of the BOE, Other federated athletes

  • Federated athletes will be able to train individually twice a day between the times included in phase 0
  • In the case of federated athletes, in adapted sport modalities, the provisions of section 2 of the previous article will be followed (All documentation at the bottom)
  • Respect the interpersonal safety distance
  • Coaches are not allowed
  • The corresponding sports federation will issue the proper accreditation to the athletes integrated into it who meet these requirements, considering, for these purposes, the sports license to be sufficient accreditation.

That is to say, to be able to go fishing, you have to be federated, (the federative license itself is the permission of the federation). Respect the rules of phase 0 and fish in a sports setting.


I think we all know when we can go fishing , although it is never wrong to remember. As I said before, there are some Communities such as Cantabría and Aragón that may allow you to go fishing, but still inform yourself very well before doing so.

It is in Phase 2 when we can practice our favorite sport. The dates are very confusing since everything will depend on how the infections develop. But in theory it is May 26

I leave you a couple of documents written by the association in defense of fishing and the Spanish Federation of fishing and casting. Read them and inform you with your councils and security forces.

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