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All About Fly Hooks

Every Fly Fisherman has to know what a Hook is, but you really know everything about hooks, find out in this post.

Hello Fisherman, as you well know there are a lot of hooks on the market and we all have doubts when buying hooks to ride our flies, in this post we explain everything so that the next time you go to buy your hooks you know what What are you buying.

Parts of a Hook.

Our hooks are made up of several parts, not only the size that depends on the length, we have the eyelet, the stem, the curvature, the throat, the opening and the tip, which are fundamental parts of the hook, but I did not mess with you, I leave you an image that is often worth more than a thousand words.

Fly Hook Sizes.

At the time of mounting flies for fly fishing, we vary the sizes of them according to the situation in the river, at the time of assembly we usually vary between # 10 and # 26,
the larger the number the smaller the hook, and of course there is the difficulty of mounting.

Although there are fish that require larger hooks, we say that these measures are valid for almost all river species.

I leave you an image so you can see the difference between sizes.

Types of Fly Hooks.

Here we enter a world of thousands of variations, so that you do not get confused the most used will be the straight, curved and jig, depending on the fly that we fence to mount, for dry we usually use the straight hook, the curved one for nymphs and some fly popup and jig for some buckshot.

As you can see in this image, I will show you these three types, but know that there are many more that vary especially in curvature and buttonhole.

Tying Hook Prices.

Most of the brands supply hooks in formats of 25 units and saving format of 100 units, although there are also brands that play with that and the package contains 20 units that makes us raise the price per hook.

The hooks in 25 units format are around € 3.50 (approximately $ 4), of course, depending on the store, this makes a hook cost us € 0.14 ($ 0.16)

In savings format we will get the 100 hooks around 10 € ($ 11.50), shortening the price € 0.10 ($ 0.11) per hook.

You see that buying the savings format you can save about 30% on your purchase, but I tell you depending on the country and the store the prices vary, reaching the point of being able to buy hooks up to 0.07 ($ 0.08) cents per unit .

My advice is to acquire hooks from well-known brands that we know will give us good results, and may be the saving pack, although I do not rule out trying hooks and private labels that the stores themselves have, which are often very good, the advice is to buy a pack small and try since if they do not convince us we will not have 90 hooks that we do not use.

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